Private forestry.

In an effort to do our part with increasing green cover, we wanted to create a single forest with more than 400 plant species,insects and other species are being maintained in 1 acres of Elunkathir natural farm. Trees create beneficial terrestrial landscapes which combine agricultural and forest trees to promote a sustainable ecosystem. This helps towards conservation of land, effective protection of livestock, keeping soil erosion under check, level of salinity and water table by increasing water retention. This private farm forest has become a natural air purifier, providing oxygen to diverse species of birds, insects and other species and it prevent ecosystem.It support soil workers.

Law of nature =Law of returns

Integrated organic farming (Livestock-tree-crop-human).

We believe that by working with Nature, we can create a farm that is not only more productive, but also more resilient to the challenges of climate change. Our farm is certified natural farm by farmers We have been practicing natural farming for the last 24 years . In one acre of land we are practicing agro forestry with more than 400 trees species. We use cow dung and cow urine to fertilize my field and I have a tank where I breed fish like auri fish, viral fish, and jilebi fish. The water from this tank is used to irrigate my field.We collect agricultural waste products from farm by utilizing the waste from farms, we are able to provide livestock fodder and convert livestock waste into farm manure.
Waste product of farm-Livestock fodder-Livestock waste become manure

Dairy Farming.

We believe in the power of organic farming to improve the health of our animals, our land, and our community. Our herds of cow are pasture-raised and fed a diet of organic grasses and hay. We never use growth hormones or antibiotics, and we practice rotational grazing to ensure that our cows have access to fresh grass every day. This results in milk that is not only delicious, but also nutritious and wholesome. We are passionate about sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment. We use cow dung and cow urine as manure in organic methods to improve soil health and promote biodiversity.

Value addition product.

We produce a wide range of value-added products derived from various agricultural sources. From sugarcane, we create brown sugar and herbal brown sugar (நாட்டு சர்க்கரை). These products offer a natural and healthier alternative to traditional white sugar, retaining the rich flavors and nutrients found in sugarcane. Furthermore, we process turmeric into high-quality turmeric powder. This versatile spice is known for its numerous health benefits and culinary uses. In addition to these offerings, we also produces natural Sambrani, Udbatti, Viboothi, and kungum. These traditional Indian aromatic products are carefully crafted using natural ingredients to create a soothing ambiance for religious rituals or personal relaxation. Through our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we strive to maximize the potential of agricultural products by transforming it into valuable resources that benefit both farmers and consumers alike.